Total Growth Ownership

Run by Matt Hodkinson, our marketing specialist advisor, this is an opportunity for you to dial up your marketing efforts without the agency retainer. TCGN members are entitled to a 25% discount.

There’s even a “Love it or leave it” guarantee in place. If, within the first 30 days, you decide that the programme is not for you, then you can receive a full refund on departure.

Email outreach

Starting conversations. That’s what we do for businesses. We source your ideal prospects and connect them directly to you, ready to talk business. Our expert team brings years of experience, data and insight to each of your campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

Growing a business is tough, we’ve been there. As well as helping you consistently sell more, SoPro campaigns help you seize opportunities and fuel growth plans.

A special member rate of £1000 off applies to all The Consultancy Group Network members.


Deltabase helps consultancies to accelerate sales by providing specific, accurate and actionable intelligence on companies. Described as “an Experian for digital maturity” by Capgemini, the core Deltabase offering is a 1,000-point assessment of a company’s digital transformation maturity.

The Deltabase approach harvests millions of data points and requires no input or permission from the company itself and is ideally suited to pre-sales intelligence or competitor benchmarking.

Global Reach Group

Our official payments partner, Global Reach will provide comprehensive foreign exchange/payment services, allowing our members to benefit their expertise in hedging and risk management at preferential rates.

You can email Joe Stevens to find out more.

Westminster Insurance Discount

As part of your membership with TCGN, we have successfully negotiated a discount for professional indemnity with Westminster Insurance. Register for your quote.

Introducing Conavigo

We are delighted to introduce you to Conavigo – a platform that connects buyers of consulting services with niche consultancies all around the world. The platform works by promoting consulting firms based on their thought leadership, case studies and testimonials to help client organisations find the right consulting firm.